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testimoni - Hadi's Nutri Perfect Meal

Date of consume: March 2007

I’ve got gout since 2 years. My acid uric on 12/1/2006 was 600 umol/lit and always used to go to Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Pathology Department. Besides, I consumed several kinds of medicines within these 2 years because of high blood pressure and cholesterol. I have to go through physical therapy because hand’s pain. At first I consumed this Hadi’s product (first box), I felt pain all over my body especially my joint. However, I kept consuming Hadi’s product for 3 months. After that, my uric acid ratio started to decrease to 274 umol/lit and the decrease of gout and my body felt lighter (healthier). I am still consuming Hadi’s product until now and now I feel healthier than before. Thanks to Allah because encountered me with this Hadi’s product.

Date of consume: July 2007

I am 8 years old and I have tonsil problem since 5 years old. I always got fever. In a week, I used to go to school 3 days only. Where I found it difficult to catch up with my study. Previously I got 3rd place in class, but it decreases to 9th place. My friend who was having the same problem had an operation. My mom asked me to consume Hadi’s product and drink 15 packets within a month, and the result no more fever and my tonsil started to decrease. Now, I always go to school and my focus to study much better.

Date of consume: May 2007

I’ve got swollen in knee because of an accident at Bukit Tangga, Jelebu, N. Sembilan since 30 years ago. In the early year of 2006, I started to feel pain in my knees and used to meet the doctor for many times but there was no change. On 1/8/2006, my knee has to be operated. But, after the operation, it becomes worse. I could not stand for long time because pain in my waist and fatigue all over my leg and have to sit on the chair to pray and walk using walking stick.

Since consuming the Hadi’s NutriMeal™ product, I could not see any changes, but after consuming a box, I felt my body is getting healthier than before and after consuming 30 packets, I have no more pain in my knee.

Now I don’t have to walk using a walking stick anymore and no more knees’ pain and can pray as usual. Thanks to Allah because encountered me with this Hadi’s product. Only those who are sick will know the heavenly health from Allah. Thanks to OMECO (M) who produce this Hadi’s NutriMeal™ product.

Date of consume: June 2007

Since I am expecting to have my 3rd child, I got diabetes and my glucose ratio in the blood 13 umol/lit. This is never happened in my 1st and 2nd child. I consumed Hadi’s NutriMeal™ a box (2 packets per day) and my glucose ratio in the blood started to decrease to 5 umol/lit. I delivered my 3rd child with normal body’s weight 2.1kg. Now, my body feels healthier and more energetic and able to do housework. Thanks to Allah and thanks to Hadi’s NutriMeal™.

Tarikh mula mengambil Hadi's : Dis 2007

Saya mengalami masalah kolesterol yang tinggi. Pada bulan Julai 2007, saya telah menjalani pembedahan kecil bagi membuang kolesterol yang telah melekat pada tiub folopio di ovari. Walabagaimanapun, masalah kolesterol masih ada lagi.
Saya telah diperkenalkan dengan produk Hadi's Nutri Meal pada Disember 2007. Selepas 2 kotak mengambil Hadi's, masalah kolesterol saya berkurangan. Ini mungkin kerana tindakbalas produk ini terhadap saluran pembuangan air kecil yang mengeluarkan lendiran jernih setiap kali saya membuang air kecil. Masalah ini terbukti berkurangan apabila saya menjalani rawatan susulan di Hospital Kerajaan.
Insyaallah, saya berharap produk Hadi's ini merupakan salah satu jalan ikhtiar agar penyakit saya ini kembali sembuh. Sehingga kini saya masih lagi mengamalkan pengambilan Hadi's satu paket sehari.


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